Pancake Creek to Gladstone

September 29: Bob decided to tinker with the outboard propeller; after hitting a rock with it yesterday, it cavitates under high revs and we lose top end speed. Used the file to take off the sharp edges and nicks. As yet untested.

Hauled anchor and motored out the creek to set sail in 5 kts of NE. Motor sailed all the way to Gladstone, or we would have not got in until dark.

Some shipping traffic in the channels, as we were passed by a couple of 300m long gas tankers and then hit the Saturday afternoon yacht race course.

Arrived about 16:00 and no real trouble tying up – bow thruster on the blink again. Had help from neighbours on “Tuan”, an Oceanus 46.

We also had a visit from the owner of our sister ship, a Dufour 450 GL, who was down from Yeppoon for the races and saw us coming up the channel. This is the first other Dufour GL we have come across in out journey to date.

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