Whisker Pole

After finding that the Jib won’t set properly if we sail more than 130 degrees downwind, I decided that we needed to get a whisker pole so we could sail directly downwind. (no, we don’t have a spinnaker)

After the required googling research, it looked like a 50mm aluminum pole would do, somewhere between 4.5 and 5.5m long.

I bought Ronstan pole ends from Whitworths in Brisbane and rang Ullrich aluminium for a 6.5m long stock length of tube. Also needed some bolts, holders and toggle ties to secure it to the railing stanchions. Here is me picking up the pole and taking it back to the boat on the ‘Expressway’.


With the pole cut down to 4.5m, a trial setup in the dock looks like this:20180914_154702

I don’t have a picture of it in action, but we tested it in 12 kts an Hervey Bay with great success. I was worried that it was a bit slender, but it hasn’t buckled yet.

This is the clamp arrangement I have for the rail. There’s a bit of slop in the C holder, so I used a but of dense foam and cable tied it on to make a snug fit. The tarp toggles work well. The single bolt to the stanchion clamp is a bit dodgy, but I’ll replace it with a more robust version if it breaks off. Also for the rainy day job list is to cut off the pole end bolt extension and file it smooth.20181002_124507


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