Salt water Toilet flush

To make our fresh water supplies last longer I thought it a good idea to plumb up the (unused but operational) sea water inlet. A couple of ball valves, some hose and clamps were procured from Bunnings back in the Gold Coast but I hadn’t installed them yet. Here is the first try:
The more observant of you will see that there are manual valves before the solenoid valve for change over. Leaving salt water in the line may contaminate the rest of the system, so it needs a fresh flush after changeover from salt.
Also, you may notice my first mistake, being no pump in the salt supply line! The toilet flush button just activates the solenoid valve and uses the fresh water system pump for pressure but with the salt, the valve opens to no pressure.
A quick bike ride down to the local pump shop was in order in Gladstone. I got a pump and some fittings and an inlet strainer.
The plumbing install was fairly easy. But being only a handyman electrician, it took a while to realise that I could take the 12V supply from the solenoid valve to also drive the pump. I had already bought a switch to go in the line to the pump so fitted that anyway. It can be used to isolate the pump, otherwise it tries to run even when the fresh water is selected. (But it actually doesn’t run as there is pressure from the pump to the valve and a pressure switch in the pump)
So, a little messy on the wiring but it is all installed and working. Yay.

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