Great keppel Island

Thursday 4 October: Departed Gladstone round the outside of Curtis Island as too chicken to try the Eastern passage on falling tide. Had an OK sail in 10 kts around to the top end of the Narrows passage (Port Alma) where we made anchorage just on dusk. Tried a new lure but still no luck! This fishing thing is just not for us.


Friday 5 Oct: Headed off to Great Keppel, only 20 Miles or so. Had a nice 12-15kt NE so we made 6-7 kts into it up to the island. Some interesting other islands in between.


Anchored off Monkey Beach (no monkeys, just a bunch of goats on shore) with 30 or so other boats. Went for a walk in the afternoon over the hillock to see Long beach where thete were another dozen boats.




Had a cracker of a rain storm overnight, had to quickly close the hatch over the bed.

Saturday 6 Oct: Caught up with some new friends over a late morning coffee at the GKI hub cafe. Heard some good stories and nice to chat with others on similar-ish trips. Went for a snorkel in the afternoon on the low tide. There is hard coral here and a bit of it broken and covered in slime but lots of fish.


Emily wanted to fly her Women Who Sail Australia flag so we put that up in the afternoon.


Fish and chips for dinner. From the freezer. Maybe we’ll catch a fish to have fresh one day..?

Sun 7 Oct: Decided to motor around the island for a look-see. Trolled the lure again but nothing. Was a bit shallow round the North end as it was near low tide, so tucked in behind Middle Island for lunch and then took the dinghy in to the underwater observatory for a snorkel.


The place is dilapidated now and has some walkways and piles fallen to the bottom near the structure giving the fishes some more hiding spots. We saw lots of fish. Probably helped that we took our stale and mouldy bread to feed them!


Back to anchor off Monkey Beach again in our previous spot. Many more boats in thus evening.

Took the dinghy in to the beach to treat ourselves to a meal at the bar. Was OK and prices fairly high as you would expect. Back to the boat in the dark but the wind had droppes so not uncomfortable.

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