North Keppel Island

Monday 8 October: Woken early by quite a few of our neighbours leaving (noisy anchor winches). After a lazy breakfast, headed to North Keppel Island. Partial sail with Jib only into 8 kts. Found an anchor off Pumpkin Island with not too much swell. Would have liked to go further up under North Keppel itself, but was too shallow. Tides are about 4m at the moment.

Took the dinghy over to NKI for a beach / bush walk and had to paddle over the reef at low tide. In fact didn’t make it all the way in so left it tied to a coral and walked in.


This left us with a timeline to get back or the tide would come in and we literally would need to swim 100m and dive down to untie it. Luckily made it back though…. just.


Was a nice walk.


Back to CDI and lash the dinghy onto the foredeck in readiness for a quick sail into Yeppoon tomorrow.


Obligatory sunset photo…


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