9 October: Headed into Yeppoon (Rosslyn Bay) for some marina time. After a week or so on the ‘pick’ it is good to have a flat water night’s sleep without the constant rocking. Emily is always much happier at the news of going into harbour!

Apart from our allocated berth being occupied, there were no worries and Nigel on ‘Bison’ helped tie us up. He is about the only other person we have met that going North. Emily immediately found his cat ‘Stinky’ and made a friend.


Speaking of stinky, The water in the harbour is quite foul at this time of the year. The reef scum washes in and collects around the marina pontoons. Looks like someone has dumped a whole lot of oil based paint into the water, but it is a natural and smelly phenomenon. The locals reckon it is whale poo as there are so many of them nowdays.


At brunch (which we accidentally walked off without paying for…they caught up with us later in the day so all good) we found a lady with a beautiful Macau bird who they had taken with them out to lunch. Emily had to have a photo taken:

The marina is a few kms out of town so they provide a free courtesy car, which we made use of to get the groceries and a replacement outboard propeller.

10 October: Need some exercise…! Took the bikes for a ride into Yeppoon. There were a few hills and a scenic lookout. The town waterfront has some nice sculptures, a waterpark with cool mosaics and a horizon pool. Also Bob had a go at the skate park. Did 20+ kms all up and was a good morning out.

We had planned on leaving that afternoon to go back to North Keppel, but the wind was up at 20kts so we stayed the night. Had a drink at the yacht club, chatted to a few locals and made a new canine friend, then a nice dinner at the Beaches restaurant.

1 thought on “Yeppoon

  1. If you make it through Suez Canal, I can thoroughly recommend the Croatian Dalmatian Coast. We’ve just sailed from Split to Dubrovnik and the coastline is fabulous, with naturally protected anchorages, clear water and of course incredible history.
    Safe sailing.
    Bruce Golder


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