17 October: While having breakfast, Emily’s friend Sarah and Adrian on Allergo slipped into the marina in the space opposite CD∞. It was quite a coincidence and we chatted while the boys took the mainsail off Allegro. It takes 3 to fold it – the main of a 60 footer is rather large!


In the afternoon, some clouds rolled over and the temperature was not so hot (only 27!) so we took the bikes for a ride into town. Saw some artworks around town.


18 October: Had the marina hire car for the afternoon and went into “Canelands” shopping centre. Got supermarket supplies and also some boat thingys such as flares (we realised ours were out of date), a stinger suit and a different lure (got the rubber squid type – still no success with it though…)

Sqiud + lure

Also decided that we needed some better technology for recording the trip, so Em bought a GoPro and Bob bought a drone. Will have to practice with them a bit to get some good videos.

19 October: Bob spent the best part of the day cleaning the boat teak, even taking a leaf off the outdoor table and giving it a sand, wash and sealer coat. Em took the bus into town for a bit more shopping.

We are also now officially “Shaggers”. We signed up to the Shag Islet CYC today. This is a sociable club and money raised goes to a great cause – prostate cancer. And it gets us discounts at Mackay and Abel Point marinas, as well as many other outlets.

20 October: Departed in the morning, after saying goodbye to our neighbours Darren, Kris and Tessa. Thanks for the good conversation and the coffee!



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