Whitsundays to Townsville

3 November:

Left Hamilton Island after finishing the crack repairs and enjoying Hammo’s restaurants and pools. Sailed North-West most of the day with following winds and reached Gloucester Island in the afternoon.

Saw a couple of dolphins and a turtle off Dingo Beach.

The passage between Gloucester Island and the mainland is pretty tricky to navigate, especially for us with 2.2m draft. Good old Navionics phone app came through with the goods again! Managed the dog-leg turn in the channel with a good 1m clear under keel and then out past Passage Islet (Shag Islet). Having recently become “Shaggers” ourselves (members of the Shag Islet Cruising Yacht Club), this stop was a necessity. We picked up a mooring off the Resort and took the dingy in to the Shaggers local watering hole, but…. it was closed for a wedding!!!

4 November:

The usual casual start and found ourselves motoring for a bit in the light winds. Picked up around 11 and we had 5 hours of reaching, up to 9 knots of boat speed. Made it comfortably round Cape Upstart and anchored in Shark Bay (no swimming!)

Beach walk in the evening past all the graffitied rocks. No need to add your name, just look around – it’s already there somewhere.


5 November:

Still NE winds and so the sailing started out well, then we struggled to tack up past the end of Cape Bowling Green. This is an interesting landform. It is a really long sand spit that it growing all the time as sand gets deposited from the currents running alongside.

Cape Bowling Green

Took the anchorage behind the sand spit in 5m of water and wandered around amongst the ATV wheel tracks on the spit. Took the drone for a bit of a fly.

6 November:

Had a visit from the Marine Parks people in the morning. Nice boat. Not a bad job to have either. They were checking that we knew where the marine park no-fish zones were. Apparently it’s confusing for the locals because the spit keeps moving but the no-fish zone stays fixed. Anyway, then gave us some tips on how / where to catch some good fish, but as we were about to head off anyway, we are still fish-less for the entire trip!


Did some sailing up toward Townsville and decided to anchor off the North side of Magnetic Island at Horseshoe Bay. There were a lot of boats in and we had some difficulty finding space.


Went in to shore for a walk and a pub meal, which Bob didn’t really get the best of (The Sickness was setting in at this point). Still, had an OK evening.

7 November:

Bob had fevers all night and woke with pains all over and severely dehydrated and headachey. We decided it best to go straight to the marina in Townsville and see a GP that afternoon.

8 November:

Still having high fever and headaches we went back to the GP to check on the results of the blood tests taken the previous day.

9 November:

Bob couldn’t hold down breakfast and the rash was spreading. Blinding headaches and severe fever still. That was it, took a taxi to the hospital.

And that’s where I stayed for 7 days!

See the other Blog story “The Sickness”.

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