Mackay Hideout

5 – 7 December: The weather is getting worse and there is a lot of rain predicted for Mackay over the next few days. In fact, over 4 days, that’s more rain than a whole year at our old place in Richmond, TAS.


With this weather, there is no chance of getting to Gladstone to leave CDI for the Xmas break, so we are staying put.

8 December: We attended the Shaggers (SICYC) Christmas party in Mackay and had a great time. What a wonderful and funny bunch of people we met there! The ‘naughty’ secret Santa present giveaway was a hoot, with each person in turn having the chance to ‘steal’ any present that had been previously given out. The Rolling Stones T-shirt, the soda stream bottles and the rainbow sarong were very popular and were ‘stolen’ multiple times.


9 December: Still SE winds and rain on and off. Thankfully we didn’t get the 150mm per day rain that was predicted – only about 30mm per day and that was enough.

10 December: Wind and rain has eased off (finally) so we can do some boat tidy jobs and get her ready for the Xmas break. Took down the shade covers, lashed down the headsail with the spinnaker halyard, lashed down the mainsail and tied off the boom. The dinghy has a slow leak and so if tied down on the foredeck, the straps will come loose so we might deflate it and strap it down upside down.

Lots of other preparations before heading off, including a vinegar rinse (anti-mould) for the walls, toilet additive to stop the smell, put out the de-humidifier on a timer and lay around some moisture absorbents in the cupboards so the clothes don’t go moldy.

Departed on 11 Dec, with a lift to the airport thanks Darren. And hope CDI is all tied and wrapped up for any nasty weather that might com her way in December / January.


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